Services Offered

We offer contingency and retained searches to cater to your needs

Company Services:

Contingency - We present candidates when we identify potential matches based on job specs. Fee is billed when candidate is hired.

Retained search - We focus our undivided attention on your candidate search, and qualified candidates are typically presented within 14 - 21 days, with the full search being completed within 90 days. Our focused search methodology has enabled us to surface the successful candidate that the often local and more well-known executive search firms have failed to find. Fee is required up front for a 3-month search. When candidate is placed, the retainer is credited toward placement fee.

What We Provide - We present screened candidates to companies, set up interviews, negotiate job offers, obtain references, and get the candidate smoothly onboard. We follow up with both parties to check in after hire.

For Executives:

We have a small number of select candidates that have been vetted and designated as high potential placements. We do select proactive marketing campaigns -- representing the best of the best candidates to companies anonymously and confidentially to surface opportunities. We present candidates to companies, set up interviews, obtain references, negotiate job offers, and assist in getting the candidate smoothly onboard. We follow up with both parties to see how your new job is going. Most companies charge a fee for this, but there is no charge to the candidates for this service we provide. The selection is left up to the discretion of Everett Solutions.

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